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Nereida J Villarreal (Founder / Creative Director)  


Raised in the high desert, Nereida Villarreal is a Creative Director and founder of Ysidras. It all started in 2012 when Nereida Co-founded VCR (Vintage Contemporary Reconstructed). VCR was a one-of-a-kind shopping experience providing an open platform for new, vintage, and reconstructed fashions. VCR’s vision was a combination of art, fashion, and music. VCR gained the attention of Refinery 29 and LA Racked. In 2013, Nereida collaborated with FUTRA and joined the team as the visual art curator. Both VCR and FUTRA have guided Nereida to develop her skills as a stylist and creative director while learning the business aspects. Collaborating with a collective of photographers, videographers, sculptors and artists, Nereida stepped into directing several photo-shoots that have been published on Fondle magazine, LA CANVAS and Klatbult (Berlin). Ysidras was created to invite all forms of art styles and collaborators, with the vision now realized.


Joana Perez (Art Director / Visualist)


Joana is an artist and visionary in fashion, art, and music. After growing up in the Midwest, she moved to California in search of warm weather and inspiration obtaining a degree in Fashion Design from FIDM in 2003. Taking a brief hiatus from Los Angeles, Joana brought her street art influence back to the Midwest co-founding the design collective Colourelectrik. The project was her first experiment in graphics and branding, creating promotional material for the thriving local electronic music scene. Returning to Los Angeles in 2007, Joana continued working in the fashion industry while establishing connections with like-minded artists and designers. During this time Joana joined Tara LaPlante in co-founding Futra. As the Art Director, she creates the visual experience for the brand and is a curator for their multimedia events. Highly influenced by the Minimalist movement and culture, Joana launched fashion label Black And Greige in 2014. The label quickly gained recognition and provided grounds for collaborations with major retail giants like Urban Outfitters.  Currently, in addition to her involvement with Ysidras & Futra, Joana creates graphic content for the underground experimental music label Anthem Aestheticá and continues to push herself creatively through many mediums. Her elegant, edgy, and minimal style is key in creating her signature look. Her social media alias 9Millionlives serves as an outlet for her visual inspirations, personal compositions, and upcoming projects.


Tara LaPlante (Visual Curator / Designer)


Originally from Wisconsin, Tara LaPlante is a visual artist and business manager for creative companies. She graduated from Montana State in 2000 with a BFA in Painting and moved back to the Midwest to continue her artistic endeavors. In Minneapolis, she co-founded the art collective Offbeat Gallery and record label Timefog, which was home to many international techno artists. Tara’s relocation to Los Angeles in 2009 formed a change in her vision. The fusion of dance music culture and visual arts became the source of inspiration for Futra. Founded in 2011, this multimedia experience brand features DJ’s, producers, designers, performers, and visual artists through events, podcasts, and radio shows. In 2015, Futra began to curate large-scale and concept-driven multimedia events that fuse visual art, music, video, experimental and performance art.



Shelley Alex Pellegrin (Photographer / Designer/ Performer/ VJ)


Born on a bayou of New Orleans, Shelley received her BA at LSU in advertising and marketing. She continued her education at the Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated with her MFA in Computer Art and Animation. In 2001, she co-curated the Out the Box Interactive Festival, an event designed to merge and showcase various disciplines of the art school that were previously operating in vacuums, independent of one another; this was part of her thesis. A highlight of this event was a theremin-controlled entertainment selector which, when played (and released), launched a projected animation of the user’s choice. A custom MAX-MSP patch controlled the scrolling thumbnail banner interface running on a Mac. During this time Shelley was involved in various musical projects and took the stage name as MC ShellShock, producing electronic music, freestyle and raps. She hosted Sunday events at Z'otz coffeehouse in New Orleans, inviting musicians and DJs to perform. Planet Elektroland parties featured art and experimental music before dance-friendly DJ sets in clubs. After much of life living in New Orleans, Shelley moved to Los Angeles, and through mutual contacts, she befriended Joana, Nereida and Tara. Shelley was determined to pursue photography while working as a designer. Her job gave her the freedom to travel to Berlin, where she met and ultimately married her soulmate. Today Shelley lives in Berlin and is a multidisciplinary visual artist. Her newest venture combines all of her interests in the expression of VJ Hard Return. On very special occasions, she can still rock the mic.



Cathy Cocat (Visual Artist)


French artist Cathy Cocat began her career as an Art Director / Graphic Designer for communication and advertising agencies in Paris. She resumed her studies and received her DNAP at the school of Fine Arts in Marseille (France) following her education at the University of Arts UdK in Berlin. While attending UdK, Cathy participated in Hito Steverl’s workshops. In 2014 she traveled to Israel, Palestine and Jordan for an organized workshop by Via Lewandowsky. She worked on a photograph series, called Brains: Hot Bombs. This series was exhibited at the Circle 1 Gallery in Berlin while finishing her MFA in UdK. After receiving her MFA, she was part of a group show at the gallery Haus am Lützowplatz in Berlin. The following year (2015), she directed a nine minute experimental film, ‘GLITTERARY’ SYSTEMS. In 2018, this film will be part of a performance/installation she is currently working on. In 2017 during the PAC, Printemps de l’Art Contemporain in Marseille (France) she has been part of a group show Fashionistas where she has presented an installation of painting, sculptures, edition and strange accessories.  In October she presented a selection of recent works, 8bis rue Martel (private place) in Paris. Her inspiration is drawn through the questioning of reality and metaphysics of the living material. “Artist work is constantly question, decompartmentalize, take risks, which are only chances.” Cathy Cocat